Friday, October 16th

6:30pm-7pm      Check in (in person)

7pm                      Welcome, Worship and Activity

7:50                      Session 1 “God’s Purpose for Marriage”

9pm                      Adjourn until tomorrow at 9:30am          


Saturday, October 17th

9am                      Check in

9:30am                Welcome, Review, and Worship

9:50am                Session 2 “God’s View of Marriage”

                              Break (10 min)

10:40am              Session 3 “A Healthy View of Marriage”

                              Break (10 min)

11:30am              Session 4 “Monitoring Vital Signs in the Relationship”

12:30pm              Lunch Break

1pm                      Session 5 “The Mortar that Holds It All Together”

                              Session 6 “Reviewing and Renewing Your Commitment”



*Exact time of sessions may vary slightly.