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We have a global mission to share the message of hope and love through leadership training and support, developing disciples, and providing tangible aide to the poor.

For the past 6 years, we have been supporting pastors and other leaders in 8 different countries with leadership training. During this time we have shared the message of hope and love to hundreds of leaders and they have reached thousands. Each trip we talk with leaders to understand the needs of their churches and communities and then partner with them to bring change.

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Recently, we were invited to Uganda to train ministers there about how to follow God’s call on their lives while maintaining a healthy balance with their family lives. Divorce rates are high among church leaders due to lack of proper training on how to make it all work without families being neglected. Our team began planning marriage conference for these ministers, and were planning to travel overseas to put on the conference in August.

When international travel was halted due to the coronavirus restrictions, we decided to record the sessions and then have them translated and formatted so that the church leaders could watch it for themselves and also gather the local ministers in small groups to watch the sessions. Through the planning efforts, we thought, if we are recording, why not invite people to attend the recordings (with proper social distancing measures in place of course)? Then, more people can benefit from the teachings in a way that multiplies the impact: “Work on your marriage and help one overseas too.” (Or, when you invest in your marriage, you will be helping a marriage overseas too!) We can present examples that cross cultures, and focus on the tenants of marriage found in God’s Word, the Bible.


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